Vintage Words

I keep them like memorabilia

under the bed among the dust bunnies

and old house shoes. When the furnace

clicks on or the air conditioner, they

try to escape through the rabbit holes

of the house.


Brooms whisk them back in their

places; to the darkness of oblivion

where I banished them with spells

and hexes.



Rev. 06-18-19


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I love the line 'the rabbit

I love the line 'the rabbit holes of the house' especially but the whole poem is very atmospheric I can visualise the picture you are painting here. :-) sue x

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Where The Darkness Lives

Any photo or painting, vision or image of saddness or anything dark in the mind or memory - rabbit holed! Thanks for the read and comment, I was able to rearrange the syntax. Clearer now. - Thanks so much! slc xoxoxox