And Then, Seventy

A New View


If you live a long time

and are approaching 80 or 90,

then this poem is for those

who came just before then.


The point is this. When all the

healthy parts start to drift outside

the range doctors learn in school,

that's who owns this write.


The bones were fine, the ankles

unswollen, the heart pumped

fine last year. What do you mean,

I was exposed to it over years

and now it shows up as a rash

or a pain?


Approaching sixty, you begin

to regress and get shorter, the

hormones leave town, emotions

lose their containment, and there

are episodes that cause heads

to ache or joints to tell you

the rains are coming.


If any of this sound familiar

and you are sixty-two, fear not.

This is the neo-norm, the actual

expected progression. Not aging,

not getting older, not getting

vintage, just post sixty. 






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sweetwater's picture

Haha, I love this, suddenly

Haha, I love this, suddenly 67 doesn't seem so bad :-) xx

allets's picture

I am 69 going on 88

They should teach an aging class in grade school - people will take ages (10-55) a lot more seriously if they knew what was going to stop them when they finally have enough expertise to start a business or write a book. Luv ya! slc