It Is Not Your Fault

Vintage Words


With enough blame

to go around, why put

it on your doorstep?


The past did it. You look

at it from the future

and know.


Yearly, the review

gives you the same census.

You are only one. Out 

there, many possibilities 

for blame. Just not you.






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You know... I know. But it doesn't hurt any less. <3

Copyright © morningglory

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Yeah, I Probably Did It

I'm just in denial. :D thanks for the read - slc



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He who blames never

He who blames never learns

ultimately fate is in our hands

we look what’s at our doorstep

and decide to leave it out

ir bring it in! lol 

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Leave It Out

Letting blame in means time used explaining and confessions or denials and rebuttals - Actually, it depends on what blame is being made about. Taking responsibility may be required. Getting caught is usually when people start lying. Innocent until . . .  - slc