Need As An Entity

Vintage Words


She does not need to walk around

in anyone else's head, her own is filled

with all the necessities for survival,

and a bit of solace that was earned

over decades of thinking.


She will not accept offerings of how

to do very much anymore. The need

to do and build has fled, the desire now

is to appreciate and wonder.


She sits and listens from the inside

with a small smile about to happen near

the corner of the mind. There is a small 

need growing at the edge of an idea

but it will try to grow and be crushed.


She needs and what she needs waits

like a trembling newborn surprised

to encounter air and what can be felt.

She needs the thing that will elevate

and free, but she will learn, again,

that free is a part of imagination

and elevation came with breathing.






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