Pay To Play

A New View


Imported from everywhere, and like a bike,

asssembled at home or at a home based factory. 

It was old days glittery and new; shiny, brass,

bold colored, just new. It had to be new.


We did not care where it came from, what

fingers made the lines straight and tossed

paint on haphazard. It was in plastic. It had

to be in plasic over cardboard to be new. It

had to be visible through the plastic. The

colors had to be brilliant like a brand new

comic book.


Now, it comes in a box or crate or is

delivered assembled, like a new car in the

driveway for birthdays, graduations,

or Christmases. It has to have interchangeable

parts orderable on line. It has to be shiny,

multi-colored, with plastic optional, stapled to

heavy cardstock needing a crowbar-to-remove-new.

It has to be computerized now and if styro-foam

packed or solar powered new, that works too.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

We will consume anything if it looks new and untouched by anyone else. We will pay for it and be happy.

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everyone pays

everyone pays eventually--hopefully the game is a lot of fun.

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The Stacks Of Old Stuff

in the attic or basement, or in the back of the closet, on the garage shelf stacked high and dangerously is a testament to the fun, if well worn or broken. :) slc