A New View


Here, only the superficial breeds.

The essence lies deep beneath

anything ever presented to

most of the people who attempt

to dream here.


Platitudes and tribal side-steps

plague the path from where one

was born to the statue where liberty

is supposed to live. Here, there

is no liberty. Only symbolic artifice

upon which to lay down life's blood.


Most thinkers understand that power

is never defined for majorities

anywhere. Cloaked in mystique,

elusive as mist rising to vanish,

reality is denied the citizen

in exchange for dialectics inside 

sweetly composed rhetorical. Hazed

becomes the best way of breathing



Ask a stranger what they believe

and they will hide behind their right

to privacy. No one told them they

never owned a secret that could not

be unearthed to power. Here, ego's flare

and disguise the truth that they know

less than anyone with one real fact.


Wave any flag you like, it is just cloth.

Swear allegiance and realize as you age

that no one is out there swearing oaths

on your behalf. The last patriot here

was seen in a fast-food greasy spoon

swilling foreign beer, wearing jeans made

anywhere but here.  


Here we swear allegiance to those

who control and condition and keep

the weather cool for their gated wealth.

Everyone else stands proudly believing

that one day, here will not be only dream,

it will be for the rest of us too.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

We awaken from the dream and discover it was a nightmare all along. - slc

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 A well titled poem. Sharp as

 A well titled poem. Sharp as ever. xP

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Post An Anti-Amer Dream Read

We live the dream or miss the cloud - we have choices and opportunities. Taken or side-stepped, still the outcome is due to choices made. It is a slight definition of dream, mostly it is deferred or never actualized for way too many, but it smacks of hope - we are soooo conditioned by hope. Thanks 4 the read - Stella