A New View


Unusually shaped overhead lights

illuminate the pulse as subject

and profiled target recline along

the base of the operational theater.

The prop specialists squint. An odd 

thumping crescendos as if an off

rhythm engine is firing on low

octane. The crowd gathers. Hands

have been conditioned to lift

and make noises.


Unseen blades appear out of gloved

exengencies, then deftly fall to the

skin of the matter. No one breathes

for at leastfive seconds. The curtain 

rises. An appreciation interlude

descends on blue gowns in costumes

accoutred with party hats. The throng

gasps. The skin parts are spoken



Unrehearsed, the hair continues

to knit in asymmetric rows. One timed

stitch begins to heal all things opened

to the rhythm of several nerve endings

strumming. Inhalations become fast

cadenced epic delusions. 


The critics, chagrined, submit those

standardized reviews. Not bad for a first

effort. Wounds were slashed well into

existence. There was a lull of necessary

quiet after delicate ravings. At play,

the schedule "A" prescription remained

seated leaving each performance upright

and extended an extra two weeks. 








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Post #1 right wrist surgery. Healing. - slc

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