This Is How Life Happens

Vintage Words


Driving was dreamlike, not good

for your insurance rates, but you

arrive in one piece, headache

fighting with the analgesics and you

remembered the gifts in spite of

the dread and disparaging thoughts

about coming at all.


Then, out of no where, after climbing

the last step, a three year old on legs

too small for walking, runs to you

and clasp you around the kneecaps giggling

your name.


And somehow the tragedy that is your life

melts like a pair of over-sized socks

around your ankles as the smile traps your

vision and the little mouth, full of

brand new teeth, trills a nearly

indecipherable "hi!"

just for you.







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i love this, there’s not much

i love this, there’s not much I won’t do for someone with brand new teeth and legs too small for walking!  


I can’t reply to your message for some reason, so I thought I would say hi here.  But don’t worry about replying to me, save your typing for more important projects ;)


I wish you good luck and godspeed on your novels,  though I have to admit, for selfish reasons.  I really want to read them!!!  I wish you good health, too, for you and your garden.  


I don’t have a life either, or rather, I have someone else’s... my baby girl was born in March, so I am basically homebound at the moment.  It’s blissful

And terrifying though, I have been trying to find the right words, but they are elusive (which is unusual for me, I always suffer lack of time, but my muse is ever faithful).  A poem will appear one of these days....


I’m sure the last finishing touches will flow out of you like a river :)  I can’t wait to buy a copy!  <3


Love, Jessi

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So Fab To Hear From You, Jessi

I had surgery, right wrist, so typing is left hand mostly and takes forever. Will write soon. Four months old, baby girl name? So many congrats on new member to your family. I remember love and exuberance commingled with terror and fears - it happens to all moms and dads, joy mixed with fear of well, everything. Truth. Also it is hormonal post-partum stuff receding. Stay in touch and would love to chat - sleep when baby sleeps otherwise you don't get any. You think free time, you get that after she gets married. :) xoxoxo Like me, get rest you! slc