Vintage Words


The statesman from the committee 

said it was so, and so it has been

said, but from the statesman's aide,

who heard a lot of mumbo jamming

in the staff meeting where they jam

to a lot of mumbo, the story was

epic by comparison.


When the people heard the statements

and saw the charts explaining the data

visually the people felt the truth

in their eyes and heard the ink

on each chart acutely.


Come sunset, the vote will be tallied

and talliers will be coming from roll call

wishing sunset was voted to occur later.

How do you tax the rich when they own the

now merged divisions of, well, everything?

Instead, everyone asks, how do you tax

the elderly twice? Eventually, even

the gray headed sheep will stop napping.


The Silver Haired Party will own it all;

shore to shore and border to border.

The ultimate narcissists will want change

back to rule based upon their will. A truly

odd concept. It can no longer be the wieldings

and whims of those who hold the commoner's

wealth. Old statesmen have governed everyday

for decades. It is now the age for seniors 

to recess and let the tortured and suicidal

young take over.


In the meantime, there may be term limits;

ten years and out. On the old watch, we

will declare with conviction, "Hit the road."

Marijuana may ultimately become as common

as air. Beyond doubt, everyone will lose

their seat. It must be so. Besides, THC,

I hear, is good for easing arthritis

and for preventing cataracts.







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