Fair Winds Of Autumn

Vintage Words


Rustling soft against a whispered wind,

tumbling haphazard, causing the earth to

awaken and listen to predatory gusts

from tree-whipped echos of summer morphing

into autumn.


Falling is second nature to turning quietly

into something the wind wants. This is what

happens when tiny breezes turn cool inside

a morning's brief icing. Flowers bow before

the passing of so much green.


Leaf-friends signal, scampering while

winter hums and the earth spirals further

from the sun. Wavering tails tap out code:

Winter will come soon in a constant gust

of change.


Time to grow denser fur, locate the purpose

of fruit because once more it is time

to go forth and gather. In spite of a

wind-whipped world, the outcomes of all

autumns are brownings and demise.






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