You Make My Heart Hurt


Impossible love affairs are my forte

from a phone invitation to be your woman

for a while. Not your forte, long relationships.

I back off, about to go then you say,

You make my heart hurt.


Women can not resist that kind of longing. 

Worlds lose their attraction to their sun when

the voice is ocean deep and lyric melting

long distance wanting to close the distance

with no time or spaces for resistance. All

that descends on my mind once he softly said,

You make my heart hurt.


I find nothing inside impervious

to a line from lips so rich with need

for touching. No persistence is needed

with the eyes heeded that merge

and refuse to go. This time the chance

is worth a thousand risks. First and last

caresses any night will lift me into

a gentle space where you say, come 

to me for just a while because

you make my heart hurt.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tell a poet to write a love poem again, okay? :D slc

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roseblossoms's picture

Nicely written

A gentle tug at the heart

a deep voice that melts like chocolate 

its no wonder love speaks to the soul

” please Stay awhile”



allets's picture

Thanks For The Read

In a gentle mood :) slc