Keep On Boppin'

A New View


I remember most of the steps,

fast and paused, let loose as if

there was actual muscle enough

to generate a bop for a few

bars or ten.


The floor gets too small, no

sense of ballroom needs, I stop,

hear the beat and let a few steps

fly from memory. We danced until

the ceilings cried. We once in

a while used to bop.


None of that unbalanced off beat

rhythms from television dance 

and music shows. No strange

and incapable way to control 

the body is allowed. We had to roll

up rock and bop.


Angels look on in consternation

as a old woman with rheumatism

starts slingin' feet and rocking back.

You remember the rock-back move

don't you? The wonder is that, 

at this age, she can still

remember the moves to bop.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just did a few of the old steps and sat down winded. :D 

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