Air Feeling

A New View


Everyone is blue because they feel the collapse

in the air, each morning when waking up, or

each morning going to sleep, we feel it. We inhale

doom pending. Help will come after the fall, It

always does. Themes and pictures from The Great

Depression will replay on tv and War Of The Worlds

followed by videos of Hiroshima will keep us aware

that it could be worse.


You can feel it as a tangible quality lurking

on the breeze. The seasons are not doing what

the seasons are supposed to be doing. Water

tastes worse yearly. No governmental entity 

has stopped sellers from putting cancer causing

sugar and chemical preservative in everything.


We sit in our fine furnitured living rooms watching

the wall sized tv thinking: life is good. It is

if you have a tv the size of a wall. But when

the sky falls and you ignore Cassandra's screams

the world will quake when electricity and gas

are no longer avaialable. How will we know?

It will be in the breeze and not imagined there.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stand on Zanzibar, The Sheep Look Up,  and Future Shock - books worth their weight in uranium. - slc

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