Childhood Memories

Vintage Words


Nightcrawlers came out

after the rain. Lemons cost

too much so Kool-Aid stands

were the ticket. A big

bandana was the skirt

of choice, knot tied

at the side.


We made toy houses

out of paper and spread

blankets over clothelines

that became our camp



No cardboard box larger

than three by three by three

feet ever escaped H-on-the-side

openable windows and doors

with drawn on knobs.


Making was fun. You enjoy

the latest invention for 

about five minutes, then go

form a baseball team or play

catch. Transister radios

ran on very precious batteries.

Stuffed animals were what

Carnivals meant when

kids got involved.







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the simple things always

the simple things always resonate with children. pure fun 

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When Life Gets Skewered

A good recollection from youth, a game of jacks won, makes the present easier to endure. :D slc



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Very nice, it brought back

Very nice, it brought back memories for me. 

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I Go There

Once in a while to remember stuff I used to do and see long ago, ages ago - at 69 the world grows dim, but recalling clarifies. Thanks for the read. Stop by anytime. Welcome mat is always out, snow-covered in winter, leaf covered in fall, dusty in summer - but this is spring and it is rained on mostly :D slc