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We won and then went on to blame the other sides for not helping us win bigger. It is a pattern that keeps needlepointing its way into our heads. More was the only criterion, possession the only bylaw. Simple-stated, the next event was filled with ringers, and we had a few of those of our own. What is ethics when a throne like trophy is involved after breaking the ribbon across so many chests? He said he would be honest but wavered.


She promised to be moral and could not resist muscles. I know the feelings. I sit beneath too many losses not to own up and give over the up and up. I did it all with a whole lot of umph and desire. There are no regrets for having lived daringly and fearlessly siphoning off the bad and enjoying the drip drip of success and my whole five seconds of fame. 








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Beautiful piece of work

Beautiful piece of work

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Thank You

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