Standing Pat

Vintage Words


Like holding aces
and not smiling during
the game's hand
is not quite the same
thing as refusing
to conform.
Conformity is the thing
that creates happiness
and self-delusion
which gives forth years
of unforgettable conversations
meant, glue-like, to convey little.

This strategy would not work

in poker.

Passing is too easy. Patience

equals a win of shrug-shouldered 
hope where you must avoid the high

bid. Sometimes, you have to stand

pat; wait for the winning moment

before you take in truth, the whole

and nothing but.




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Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

A marvelous analogy, but we

A marvelous analogy, but we live in society that all but the demands we conform to some sort of aspect or another. I say demand because our structure as flawed it may be, is undoubtedly built on rules and incentives in place to guide those to conform. One would be hard pressed to point to a place where we have no such structure in place, excluding unlivable places of course. A very thoughtful piece that made me think and you are amazing at challenging others to think with your work.

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

allets's picture


also guidelines and mentoring, sponsorships, apprenticeships, skoolz. They put their stamp on your life-course and you spend the rest of your life rebelling or accepting. Those who rebel end up insane, those who accept make a million before they are 40. Go figure. Follow the yellow gold-plated brick road remembering that camel and that needle's eye. When I come back as an ant, I will have a lot of stories to tell :D slc



djtj's picture

Glue like

converstation. I liked as well. Nicely done. 

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Took out glue - saw your comemnts and put it back elsewhere. Thank you for helping with this edit - slc



Incompl's picture

Glue like conversations, I

Glue like conversations, I liked that term best. Sticky half-hearted antidotes indeed. You always see the bigger picture

Let your teeth show

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An Image For The Reader

Glue-like, connective tissue for a poem :D slc



georgeschaefer's picture

looking down at an ace and a

looking down at an ace and a ten is a beautiful thing.  nice poem

allets's picture

an ace and a ten

Snake Eyes - Right? 21 is magic - slc