A New View


I lost the path.

Where did it go?

I was walking rightly

yesterday. Now it is



Shadows are askew,

signs mangled. It

seemed the best way

to go. 


I do not remember

stepping off the trail.

This is clearly

the wrong way that

has become a place to

wander and be lost.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

after sweetwater - slc

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As Always

Allets my fine friend it is always rewarding to read your work and wonder how someone can brilliantly put together words in such a contrast that you don't see from anyone else. I truly am amazed by it.

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

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I shall contemplate that. Thank you for the comment and for reading my work. - slc 



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An afterthought as it arises.

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Lost Is My State Of Mind

far too often. After thought, pehaps. Hindsight et al. - slc




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Maybe losing your path was

Maybe losing your path was just destiny leading you to a new path.

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A Neo Path

Refreshes the life-course, reinvents choices, opens up new vistas. - slc