Vintage Words


The diseases of the aging are catching

up to this old trooper. It's been rough; bandaged,

stitched, and blood bruised, but still upright

and breathing.


Surgeons and nurses have glued me together

so I am as rickety as a scare crow and I am

propped up on the pole called alive

and pretty okay.


To all who love the warming sun and enjoy

the heat that melts wild winter's skin,

begin anew like April brings renewing rains

for green things. It also brings rain for us.







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bishu's picture

Come over here pal

The mosquitoes , heat & sweat makes me feel young Laughing



allets's picture

Things That Bite

I try to avoid, too much heat - I have to think about that - be young and enjoy Pal! - Thanks for stopping by. - paddlingswimmingstrokingsnorkelingtothatIsland -  slc



Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

"Rickety as a scare crow" lol

"Rickety as a scare crow" lol people don't bounce back quite as easy or as fast with age, but "upright and breathing" is something to cherish in of its self. 

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

allets's picture

Yes Indeed!

You are as old as your outlook - I gave up on 25, but 40 is not too bad. Be well and thrive. Another spring, the tulips are making a racket out there - complaining about the how pretty the crocuses were and why are all these star fires still blooming?. :D - slc