Moving Through Thursday

A New View


Time refuses
to obey the mind
again. Wednesday

came through here

like a myth.


does not want
to move.

The calendar
wants to continue
and so Thursday
will trudge into
my world and make
itself known.





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takes me a long time to

takes me a long time to move,my chest was kinda split open,my heart removed and put on ice

now it`s back in but still kinda cold i guess,,moving slow i am

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Take It Slow

Sounds like you have been through a great deal. Take it slow. - slc 



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This Poem's 4 U

Take it slow. - slc



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i know

i know

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Bangla New Year

Bangla New Year is on Monday 15th April. Years fade into history.On the island I'll write the story. Best wishes



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Happy Bangla New Year!

An auspicious date In us 04-15 is the day all taxes have to be in by. :D. - ttyl - slc