Vintage Words


A rumored conception is believed

to have been smelled on the air, seen

in the long day, and felt in the bones.

Historically, we have proof the Spring

is about to happen and there is no way

to stop it. If it could be stopped, who

would want to make the arrest?

The proof lives in melting snows as

there is a warming earth beneath

all that winter.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spring rocks! :D

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It's hailing today where we are. Spring is coming in a wee bit on the chilly side. 

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Just Took A Walk

I'm the only one with crocuses and star fires. Not a daffodil out there anywhere - my dwarf daffs are opening. Tulip leaves are 4-5 inches tall. Every day is a discovery. Spring has sprung in Michigan's thumb joint. :D slc April 25th it looks like gardens are happening everywhere! Finally! :D slc