Adjectives For Trump

A New View


I was looking for a word to best

describe the Don and found

a few under nefarious:


wicked, evil, sinful, iniquitous,

villainous, criminal, heinous,

atrocious, appalling, 

abhorrent, vile, foul, base,

abominable, odious,

depraved, corrupt,

shameful, scandalous,

monstrous, fiendish,

diabolical, devilish, unholy,

ungodly,  infernal, satanic,

dark, unspeakable, despicable,

outrageous, and shocking.

Now, I am content.











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among others, I'm sure

among others, I'm sure

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I Was Looking Up Something Else

And found nefarious. That word has not entered the national media yet. With others, assuredly - slc



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now, i too am content (kinda)

Great list of words for him. 

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We both shut down our PM, need space to write and live and think. Oranges? Really? He meant original and kept saying oranges. The pressure of releasing his taxes and the Mueller Report are taking tolls m'thinks. We shall see. - slc



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I dont remember sitting off messages. Maybe when my profile pic was changed I hit the button. Hmmm. But I guess we can't PM you anyway.


Haven't been keeping up on news as of late. i am getting it all from you now. Ha!



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Oh No

News from me, not good as a source. I read it and absorb a semblance of what's going on in the world.  It is past time for a recession and this one is going to be a doozie. I may have to plant vegetables after all. :D