Spring Sale

A New View


Flower Rocket, the ad said;

plant for only seven dollars

and two planters will be filled

with reds and pinks, yellows

and purple annuals.


I was almost sold, then realized

for seven dollars I could buy

seven packages of seeds

and fill half a field with



Lost three rose bushes 

last year due to over kill

weeding, so perennials may

be the way to go this year.

Still, the idea of half

a field full of reds and pinks, 

yellows and purple annuals

could brighten up a lot

of days.






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Only seeds I use are from

Only seeds I use are from over ripened  tomatoes

starting to sprout! Or bell pepper seeds! Throw them 

out in a big planter ! And Poof! Course you got to water 



I bet a packet of seeds will be lovely 

I tried herbs once, and a vegetable 



Now flowers ! How beautiful 

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I Tried To Grow Pumpkin

Saved seeds from Halloween. Odd, but flower was orange and pretty. No pumpkins so I went with roses, marigolds, and zinnias - easy peazy and pretty. Soon the tulips. :D