A New View


Fire and smoke

were sitting in a bar.

Smoke observed

that fire is hot

and quite brilliant.


Fire was too busy

lighting up the place.

to notice the dark

brooding character

at the other end

of the bar.


This is the kind of

thinking that goes

on in smoke

filled rooms.









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    When there’s a Fire,



When there’s a Fire, beware

though it May burn Hot and Brightly 

Its the insidious Smoke that

kills you! 


Cute Bar Joke! 

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I Love Bar Jokes

They are a hoot. Yeah, it is the smoke that kills you. Never been in a fire - hope not to between 69-100. Detroit has a marijuan store open - a whole new connotation. Probably won't go there. Can't smoke, can't eat sweets. I need a mj patch. Ha! :D slc



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A New View

I think I have been in that bar...Enjoyed reading. Thanks.

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Thank You

location location location

atmosphere atmosphere atmosphere

or something. So glad you enjoyed. - :D slc