Fierce forces pervail inside atmospheres

so strange you must stop and wonder why here?

Why enter these darker realms to explore

what has accumulated beneath the fingernails?

Face fanaticism with a calm mind that will not

wander into the evidences of evil. After the

reaping, the coding and storing, walk away.


Fate lies inside every portal. Open with

caution but go in, find out the nature of sin,

write it down as if the eleventh Commandment.

Who knows fear without taking risk? Who

knows risk without courage?


Desperately explore the depths of the spirit

where strength grows in little gardens. That

may be the best place to vacation decade to

decade. Here, you meander through all

emotional planes until you find a harbinger

of death misrepresenting eternity while 

describing the essentials of life as



Be didactically inclined to tell what you know

to the sudden world or any eclectic world that

will listen. Discover doom as if it were a diadem 

displayed for anyone to review. Internalize

the lesson as it seeps into the seams of

the soul. When ripe, write it down permanently

in the volume named yourself.







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Thoroughly enjoyed this <3

Thoroughly enjoyed this <3

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A Rewritten Poem

I posted it as new to re-share. I may move it to my favorites folder. - slc