Easter Threads

A New View


I do not celebrate

Easter traditionally

with a new bonnet

and threads.


Instead, I send a niece

far away, a dress or two

so as to have a choice,

neutral color shoes 

for later wearability,

and a coat or shrug

of some reusable



It's quite the tradition

in small towns to dress up

for Easter. I hope they fit.






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Well put

Blessings for your lovely niece..... 



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They are lovely indeed, Bish. - slc



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Nice one dear Allets! :)

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Thank You For The Comment

Good to see you, always - xoxoxox Stella



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Interesting poem.

Interesting poem.

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Thanks For The Read

"Intersting" from you is most welcome - slc



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That's nice that you send a

That's nice that you send a dress for your niece. I hope she appreciates it.

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She Does

She texts me little notes during the year. I've redone her bedroom twice (drapes, rugs, comforters, shams). If the other great nieces and nephews only know how to get free stuff from great auntie Stella. (my brothers grandchildren). Love 'em endlessly. :D