In The Eyes Of Kittens

A New View


How we winsomely elevated

life to such extremes fills

the eyes of kittens in their 

joys and curiosities. Innocence

knows no offense.


How we have risen to sing,

in near equal stages, that

life is sacred and sent

from unseen ethers or from

unimaginable realms.


How we posit the returns

to airy and soft pastel domains

after a brief stretching

of temporary limbs have walked

the harsh and the solid.


How we make it up as we go

because idleness leads to apples

falling on unprotected intellects

or dreams reveal eternal blissfulness

under brambles that a messiah

came or is on the way.








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Kittens have the benefit of

Kittens have the benefit of innocence.  I'm envious of that.

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Puppies Too

Little lifeforms gangly and unaware of what awaits outside; butterflies are about to happen. :) slc



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Shelley wrote "if winter

Shelley wrote "if winter comes can Spring be far behind?" We're less than 4 weeks away from Spring.  Butterflies and flowers blooming on the short horizon.

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Get harder each year for old bones and joints. I keep peeking out the windows at the flower beds covered in frozen water and yes think, Spring is my eternal hope. Summer. The word alone sends tremors through my thougnt matrices. Like the first snowfall, I watch for the first butterfly sighting to celebrate! :D slc