Sex After Sixty (Part I)

A New View


If you have not noticed, I have awesome

demons who are hard to extricate. I’ve

tried for years, but they are very hard

to bring to the table called this is what I need

to do, with or without you. There’s a man

out there thinking like me. No demons

are welcome, but it is worth a try.


I tell my intermittently fading brain

this is no time to be particular. You ain’t

the sweetie pie you were at twenty or

the perfect picture you were at eighteen.

I have cholesteral in blood vessels

older than most people I know or meet.

Sixty nine is more than an age,

it’s a library full of dusty volumes

of tales better kept unread.






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69 might be a sign to sign up

69 might be a sign to sign up for some 69! Go get it, girl 

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there is someone out there

there is someone out there just waiting to meet you !

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If I Was Oh Say 40

I enjoy the peace of mind. But no thanks.



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Keep the faith.  There are a

Keep the faith.  There are a lot of men and women out there who are looking for each other.  Hopefully, they all eventually find that special someone.

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Not A Goal

I want to hold my novel in my hands one day. A man would eat time resources. slc