Sex After Sixty (Part IV)

A New View

Part IV


I’ve been thinking about this

for ten years or so. There’s gotta

be a cat or dude or man or fella-pooh

out there who can overlook my foibles.

He has ‘em too. I’ll let them be, while we

compare who has the most moles

and age spots.

Whatever our collective doctors say

we can eat, I’ll cook with no salt shaker.

Varicosed vein tracking is the new art

I hear. We can laugh at that together.

Balding is a problem for many males,

the culture says hair replacement. But I

have no problem with no hair if you

don’t mind mine gray.







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sounds fun 

sounds fun 

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Varicose Vein

counting. A thing and lots of fun, yes. :) slc