The Wet World (Part IV)

A New View


Sweet-with-salt sweat causes the body's skin

to shimmer in sunlight or moonlight but

is more smoothly sheened after a frightening

dream about sunset. Shedding heat keeps

the human within a livable temperature, yet,

there is value in salt and stench that erases

the struggles of every solitary cell. Holes open

and water diffuses, seeking freedom osmotically

along an alternative route, not lungs or nostrils.

It is water basically, air-bound indubitably

to join rain and blood and tears.







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sonnysblueridge's picture

this series is

this series is incredible

really nice job 

i like how you refer back to all the different ways the world is wet at the end 

allets's picture

Thank You

For your kind and thoughtful comment - slc