A Perfect Politician

A New View


We will expend air exclaiming

righteousness as if from a pulpit,

but being a perfect politician

is not possible. Life happens

and ill intended decisions are wrongly

wielded and upheld and allowed.


In time, wrongs surface that once

were a part of the landscape;

an accepted practice, a permanent



Retrospective justice as a tool

is unwieldy and heavy. Too

many to chastise or scold anyway.

Correctitude is not in that dictionary.

It has been a myth around here

for too long and is legendary in its

absence. Acts of love are a myth.

We, concurrently, held a ritual

burial sending sanity and civilization

to its death.


Exposed, repentence is an alley 

with no out. Confessed or discovered,

hate and redemption stare down

a long corridor in absolute wonderment.

I can feel real change on the air. Again.

It is time for another speech.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blackface was never a problem, what was behind the attitides and practices was the problem. Blackface was a symptom of unmitigated hatred.The way in which a the first Black President was treated is an example of how those attitudes have not changed and are likely to be around for a while. 

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