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We shoot people for no reason.

Taxes are too high.

The soda and beer are full of lead.

My parklands are being drilled for gas and oil.

Someone lets the price of pork go up.

Uber rich people never go to prison.

The contents of my refrigerator are harming me.

She killed her fetus without my permission.

Water, air, and food are full of carcinogens.

The oceans are rising.

Deserts are expanding.

Fires are raging.

That said, somebody really ought to do something

about taxes.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

The tax credit to the corporate wealthy prompted a tax suggestion on all the wealth of ultra rich individuals annually. Billionaires did not like that idea much.


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Back in 1980, one of my

Back in 1980, one of my college professors, who was really getting slammed on taxes, said he wondered why we did not have a another revolution, considering that the first one was also started because of tax issues.  Being a student, and exempt from taxes then, I did not quite understand his frustration.  Now, almost forty years later, I certainly do understand it.  And then, having been taxed unfairly, we must stand by while they put it to uses that, perhaps, not all of the electorate would approve.


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A New Constitutional Congress

Taxes are not the only things in usa that are not transparent. If we knew where out taxes went - uncensored, we would revolt tomorrow. Boston Tea Party scheduled at The Pentagon at 0800 hours. (sorry, I got caught up in the revolution idea).