The Maze (I)

Vintage Words


Shedding layers of leftovers, I grow judiciously
lighter, imagining a more precise out. This
exasperating maze has gripped me by the heart, but
I am determined to rearrange the pump and push
of my pulse until my heart becomes an exit.






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roseblossoms's picture

This is more than

This is more than capillaries

and blood vessels, it’s 

the maze of life , as the beat

Trickles within us!

The  rhythm of the heart



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Thank You roseblossoms

Life's maze is for exploring, but it has its blocks and misdirections requiring retreading old terrain to locate (or not) the exit. The heart of humanity is manifested in our emotional explorations. Again, thanks for stopping by and commenting as well - slc



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Life is a labyrinth.  

Life is a labyrinth.  

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Just yes.