Paladin, Paladin

A New View


Few know what to lead means.

Trust and truthfulness is first on the list.

Sharing of the self means conformity 

to an old code no longer recognizable

due to editing by liars and bushwackers.

A bona-fide hero-leader will always

ride in on a palimino humming

the theme song from The Rebel.


Discretion is tight here, loosened

there, open to the wind thus, small

and barely paying attention

other-wheres. We are all different.

Why would we want to be the same?

Leaders understand these human

foibles while advertisting that, 

though the streams are swollen,

there is a new sheriff in town.


Mistakenly, as a leaders of anyone,

the norm rides in on a white horse,

wearing a hat from Rawhide or

Gunsmoke, like a neo Maverick. The new

Paladin, his Knight embossed on his holster,

announces exactly what the value of truth,

liberty, justice, retribution, jail time

and what the price of doh-gies is today.








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