Poop Deck Pappy

A New View


Maaaaa, Poop Deck Pappy

is on your grass. A kid

who runs home in 

the early sixties

turns on the tv and laughs

at Popeye and his pappy.


Biiiiiishu, Poop Deck Pappy

is on your grass. You

must do something about

this immediately.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Six years ago when I joined pp I ran into Bishu from India who was using Popeye as his avatar. Wonder of wonders, it has evolved into Poop Deck. Love it! - slc

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Thank you my pppalo'erseas

I still try tah lib lipe king size ....... Bones strong witt spinachh Sealed



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You bring back old memories of toons once adored. Everybody watched Wimpy and Brutus, Popey and Olive Oy and and what was the baby's name? Sweet Pea! I do not want to think about just how much my values were shaped by these simple images. I recently snagged on Sesame Street and could not turn it off. Mesmerizingly mind shaping stuff. :D




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Real happiness

Real happiness comes in tweeny weeny packages and cost next to nuthin 



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A Wondrous Philosophy

Concurrence! - slc