What Women Require

A New View


Women want God to bless
them, the preacher/priest  or

holy person to praise them. They

want a man to be one with them,

and a job that pays lots with benefits.

They want a family and a friendly

neighborhood to trust and love

them, necessarily in that order. 







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Now we know what you require

Now we know what you require so now tell us what you desire.

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Take too many words

but to  start, 17 books of poetry published on Amazon Kindle. 



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and a man wants someone to

and a man wants someone to rub his belly and feed him chocolate pie


can you believe it will be 72 thursday

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I Will Be 76 Friday

Chocolate pie? Yum Eve made a mean apple pie :D



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Happy  Birthday

Happy  BirthdaySurprised

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i think your old friend

i think your old friend cascade has a birthday this month,

my birthday is next month,,,happy birthday to us all....

how in the hell are you going to get all those 76 candles on that cake

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That's Bishu's Cake

I'm diabetic - no cake for me. 



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Happy Birthday in advance

Image result for Happy 76th Birthday


I'm getting older by the day.... Might forget... I used to keep a daily diary but since 2004 I'm writing in one diary.....I'm at a loss what to do with my old diaries from 1965...... Thought of tearing out the pages & burning them but I was close to tears. These will become a burden for my children to carry... They can't throw them and neither can they destroy them. 



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Best Seller

Author discovered. The truth about bishu M. - Last location, an Islandatseaabovesealeveleatingpinappleswithpoets. :D slc



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I missed your birthday. Happy birthday, lady A! xoxoxo

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No Shoot!

Feb 21st, 1950 (69)  -- not yet. My birthday present came late too - on our home calendar for the 12th, I got it day before yesterday with apologies.  - I will open on the 21st though. Thanks! 



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So, it came belated early? Well, celebrate for whole month! Hugs

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Stella Crews Month

Doesn't quite have the ring of Black History Month - but hey, I'm good with it - it has been a great month so far :D