A New View


Sunrise is an image of life and hope

that things are as they should be. Do not

fear the mundane or the ordinary.

Fear fear.


Sun up is an idea of promised warmth

winter or summer, it is summoning,

heralding, beaming welcome.

Ordinary, the usual expectation,

the sun. There is nothing to fear.


Sun comes to horizoned  mountains

or city skylines, becomes the notion

of roundness rising on cue as if 

a mighty conductor stood on a cloud

and said with his baton, "Do not be afraid.

Just begin." Be bright as the sun

and rise.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

In search of happier imagery. slc

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bishu's picture

Sunrise and sunset

Sunrise brings hope...  Happiness post



allets's picture

Yes Sunrise Does Bring Hope

A constant source of smiles :D



bishu's picture

Oh oh

Oh oh !! Dah pain has retund sein yur prfpic.... He left me on 5th Feb 2015 .. still feel his loss RIP Dear Bhulu



georgeschaefer's picture

love to follow the sun from

love to follow the sun from dawn til dusk.  lovely imagery of the rising sun.

allets's picture


Is warm. - slc