Rabbit Habits

A New View


Ah, Rabbit, security lost

to your own cupidity.

In lieu of gratitude,

you chose pride over

warren need.


Ah, fear, the lot of rabbits

when danger grins hungrily.

Afraid of shadows,

unable to face escape

and flee for survival, you

die in the teeth of bad choices

made long ago.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The story of rabbit who became fearful and cowls before predators. Real rabbits in the wild are fast, they learned a bout danger and fear is a defense mechanism, an instinct. - slc

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Sometimes I feel like the

Sometimes I feel like the rabbit lol

Let your teeth show

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Tell Me The Puppy's Name Again

Adorable. I was fearful two days ago, when I learned that Russians got 800 million dollars from our financial system - ouch! It was already rocky. What did Trump and Putin decide in those closed door sessions? - slc