The Great Fairy Tale

A New View


I am particularly fond of the myth

that men are stronger. Child birth would kill

any man since the other great myth, Adam.

We weave these tales to create power

structures among humans. Men rule,

women support, children do not count,

unless they are male. Those constructs

will be with us for a long time.


More myths: The earth was created in

seven days. In lieu of all the science

and recordings by the intelligensia

we still believe in gardens and magic.



And so, as I go to pray to the white

guy with a long beard who sits on a golden

throne holding a staff, I contemplate

whether pearly gates will greet me

after death. Why does heaven require gates?

That is my first question. Because ancient

cities had high gates and guards. Heaven

will have saints and angels at the drawbridge

greeting us as we phase into the new

otherness. It will be a medieval style throne,



Angels are fierce entities mythologically.

I love the explanation that the age of intervention

is over and so angels and miracles by godheads

and deciples are over. That explains a lot, but if

believing is reality, then for billions it has been

and will be pearls embedded in the wall with

no demons allow posters greeting us after death.

No immigrants from Hell will be allowed.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am poking fun at the sacred. I know. But Christians, we will have a great deal to explain when we meet the god entities.  - slc

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word_man's picture

you`re right,most of it is

you`re right,most of it is myths,,but i believe in fairies,lol

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The Older I Get

The more honest I get with the image in the mirror. Fairies do indeed exist and so do angels, like you.  :) slc



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lol,don`t piss God off

lol,don`t piss God off calling me an angel

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Like Children

poets are special :D

Angels might be a stretch though. How about u r a good red shirt wearer. That's pretty safe, huh? :D



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sounds good to me

sounds good to me