Vintage Words


Clear as newly created glass, a plethora
of achievabilities made the head fizzy
with penultimate and undeniable probabilities.

This is where the extremist fool winks at the

Harlequin. I once thought that to dream was reality,

professed reality owning so little to support

anything approximating the necessities of actuality.
All in all, you accept what you are granted, not being
able to determine much as if dominated by an

infant called existence.






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Some doors open for you some

Some doors open for you some don't but dreaming about them opening... that's why its hard to get out of bed in the morning ;-) xP 

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Lost In Dreams

There have been times when dreams sustained me, yes, but the suckiness of reality must be challenged with ardor and energy daily. It's how we roll. :D slc

ps good to have u back.