A Song Of Six Pence

A New View


Somebody please

sing me a song of just

one Pence.


We barely hear

from the lad. When

we do, the media

only captures

the gaffs.


Public opinion

is paramount, yes.

One Pence has

relatives with

Russian connections.

There is that,

of course.


Bible toter. What 

is it like on a Sunday

inside the sacred walls?

Do you dream of steel

slats and concrete

keeping out drug gangs.

Do tattoed Mexicans

fill your prayers 

of please keep us safe

from that them.






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One Pence in DC is more than

One Pence in DC is more than enough.

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I Heard You

I absolutely agree. Two years of Trump, two of Pence. (insert scream here).  :D