The Invention: Eye Glasses


Who did this to us? We can not see

without them. Contacts are a form 

of eye glasses. Let us not get involved

with semantics.


Spy glases, binoculars, magnifying

glasses are all of the same inevitably eye

enhancing heritage. It was an evolution

surrounding the ability to see as clear

and crisply as one can.


I'd like to tie up the inventor of eye glasses

in the town square where people of limited

vision can throw wing tipped spectacles,

microscopes, telescopes, spectrometers,

and broken lensed opera glasses at them.

Let this serve as warning to inventors

of necessity in the future. Mess with

the visually impaired and pay the ultimate.

We are watching.






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Maybe we aren't all suppose

Maybe we aren't all suppose to see crispy sharp. We are each suppose to have a unique perspective, right? Trouble tho is bumping into things. :\

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by trial and error. Ouch! Just learned an important one. Be cool, be well - slc



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When the life expectancy was

When the life expectancy was 35, we didn't need glasses.  Now that we live longer, the eyes don't always hold up as well.

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That Is An Affirmative & The Pollution

Old and suckiness kinda walk together toward the door at the end of the corridor. I've seen enough clearly - and I'm glad of it. :D  slc