Suckiness Of Existence

A New View


An ant, minding it's ant business,

gets crushed by the wheels

of a toddler's tricycle. And you

think your life sucks. Suckiness

is a constant in the walk from birth

to wherever you end up in time



If you are staring in the mirror

in the bathroom thinking, my life

really sucks, you are not unique

in this discovery. Life sucks 

from one degree to another

for each of us who stand upright

or crawl on various modes

of locomotion.


You chose to walk instead

of drive and a mac truck

from hell turns you into red

tarmac. Not bad luck, not 

the predicted ending woven

long ago, rather one choice

led you into the realm

of outcomes and all things

that are denotated as life









Author's Notes/Comments: 

It also rocks, from time to any hour unexpectedly. :)

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eleven_eleven's picture

totally feeling this write.

totally feeling this write. captured that exhausted, apathetic feeling well

allets's picture

The Balanced Scales

Good v Bad stuff happens. Trapped - yeah. I love the slogan: Here Today, Here Today. :D - slc



georgeschaefer's picture

suckiness is a great word and

suckiness is a great word and probably not used often enough.

allets's picture

Ha Ha

it was a stretch :D