The Thing About Things

A New View


They are solidly constructed or gown.

Some are formulated by entities beyond

our mediocre skills. You can roll them,

kick them about, whisper sweetly to them

and call them treasured keepsakes.


Optionally, we can put them on

shelves, in boxes, or just ignore them.

Our things, their things. A distinction

to be honored to keep things straight.


We collect them, need them,

appraise them, wonder a lot about

who made them, who would like

to have them, and keep them. Still,

the thing is this: ultimately, they

are all in the end destined to simply

become dust covered thinkamajiggies.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I could write this poem forever and never be finished. :) slc

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Stephane Mallarmé once wrote

Stephane Mallarmé once wrote that one never finishes a poem, one merely abandons a poem.  Good job.

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Writing With Abandon

FOREVER! The work continues.  :D