A Sheet Of Snow

A New View


Surprise! Snow on the grass

like frost highlighting blade tips

for so many days. 


Astonished! White out there

among gray streets that glisten

in the gray day.


Like greeting a long ago friend

returned to spread rememberances

across the eyescape. Snow, not

enough to be a blanket, a sheet







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Two days ago I looked at the green back yard thinking, I guess we are not going to get any snow this year in Michigan. Yesterday? Voila! Just enough fell to stick and lightly cover the grass. Winterhaven :D

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I got snow this morning,

I got snow this morning, too.  It's only a couple inches.  No real damage.

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Oddly Distributed Snowfall

This year. Some places are buried, other's just a trace. An article said we had a decade long wave of heavy snowfall and that this is not unusual. Cycles. :D