Bigger Than Me

A New View


Building a skyscraper

in an already crowded 

downtown is a talent

I will never own.


It is not all that hard

to be bigger than me.

I am a poet. I can

only write a skyscraper.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bigger than I am (approoruate grammar - used lingua familiar. :) 

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but you can do it faster and

but you can do it faster and a lot less expensive

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Yes I Can!

Thanks. slc



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Nice, honest poem

Keep on writing

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Just got my 1st internation anthology slot last year, been writing, editing, and publishing other artists and books since 1969. I am 68 and write science fiction. 

Honest - big thanks. slc



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Congratulations, and best

Congratulations, and best wishes with the writing.

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It Has Been Fun

and a lot of work. Again, thanks. slc