The Ultimate Cookie

A New View


It is the feeling of being left

standing in the road, blocking traffic,

causing drools, making bakers

pooh pooh each bite.


We rebelled and declared a

no nibble zone. In defense

of crisp brown edges and yummy

centers, I do declare:

"I'm going to need that later."


Until the road ahead is cleared,

there will be no passage granted.

Until the debris is swept away

and new cookies replace the old

cookies, no one passes go.


I defy decades of female principals

strewn across the street, stacked 

neat and high. You have to go.

Make room for the new from the oven

delight that comes replete with a

vacuum cleaner. There is, unfortunately,

nothing that can be done about those

who came before who are now merely

chalked outlines to be mourned.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

The old gives way to the new. Bookstores vs on line novels, typewriters vs comptuer keybords and printers. Old cookies vs new cookies. Like that. :D

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