Vintage Words


Icarus had a girlfriend,

Hubris, who did him wrong

and introduced him

to Nemesis, the chickee

who rides in a chariot

pulled by griffins.
You do not want

to mess with women

who cruise the strip

in those kinda wheels.


Punished for flying

against daddy’s orders,

Pride dawned and Icarus forgot

sea water gucks up wings

and sun melts binding wax.

Today's lesson, children,

is about moderation.


Over-confidence is dangerous

and summons the goddess

who deals the Tarot's fortune.

Inevitably the fall, witnessed by sun

and sire, plunged Icarus

into the sea. "I am too beautiful,"

he thought of himself. No harm

dare besmirch my reputation or my

unchallengeable self-worth. It

is assumed that he died by water.


The lesson in all this is watch

out for a falling fool, banish

a joker’s outlandish foolishness,

thus avoiding fate’s inheritance

of infamous death as the ultimate



Survival is always a good

ending of a tale. Icarus, your

legacy is synonymous

with failure.








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