Real World

A New View


I can't deal with the real world.

It requires probity and I had to look the word

up. I am honest and moral and all that,

but portraying it, telling the tale lively and well

misses the syntaxical structure, the apt and quick

riposte of cleverness and, well, probity.


It comes with time and experience, they

told me, but I tried that and calamity

put a wanted poster out on my fame. So,

there is a rhythm that most master,

but I got lost trying to read the map.


I do not deal with the real world

even though this brain, in quiet ruminations,

is quite unique and entertaining on occasion

of philosophical life contemplations. So long

as my voice, with listeners, is not a piece

of the expectation, I am content.


No, in real time, with eyes from beings

who seem like water creatures from some lagoon

somewhere, looking on, me at center, I cringe

and avoid professional engagments, any

engagments really, out in the real world.






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