Weed Limerick



There once was a time frame called Once

who bought all his weed by the ounce

there was never enough

so he toked by himself

to ensure his stash lasted a month.


Once encountered an old chum named Ever

who enlisted him for an endeavor

they robbed a cartel 

which went off kinda well

they got caught and were taught the word never.


A Rambo friend from way back when

heard the trouble Once and Ever got in

so he strapped on his guns

his favorite ones

killing for Once and for Ever again.







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If you're buying by the

If you're buying by the ounce, you should have no need of dealing with the cartels.  That's just a good way to die.

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Okay. It's Like This

I needed a rhyme and had to settle for a broken-near rhyme. Besides, you can get it legally now by the pack or the muffin so the poem is already dated, but still clever had to be attempted.They BOUGHT it by the ounce and moved up in the world, STEALING IT FROM THE CARTELS by the truck load. Ounce people can not do truck's worth well.  : )