Who Can Not Love A Human?

Vintage Words


We are so cute, you know.
No one matches us anywhere
on earth. Truth.
Hate is a word invented
to disprove that humans
are really beautiful
and cute.
Okay, so we will probably
destroy ourselves or
do it by accident or
get hit by an asteroid
God throws at us
reneging on his promises
tossing metaphororical spirit
hands in the air saying,
"Damn! And they
were so cute!"
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georgeschaefer's picture

I can think of a lot of

I can think of a lot of animals that are cuter than these human beings you refer to.

allets's picture

These Humans

Of which I speak hold candles to, oh say, bulldogs or crocodiles, but then in walks a pekingese or guinea pig that makes the human heart melt and blows up my whole argument.